The Pediatrics, Pediatric Intermediate Care, and Pediatric Intensive Care Units

Pediatric Inpatient Unit

Between 2016 and 2017, our inpatient units were fully revitalized to a brand new, state-of-the-art model with all levels of care—medical surgical level, Intermediate Care, and Intensive Care—located in one area. The 19-bed unit affords maximum flexibility to accommodate the needs of our pediatric patients, and allows residents on both the Ward and PICU teams to care for patients at varying levels of acuity.

The inpatient pediatric teams also care for patients located on other units within the hospital. We believe strongly in appropriate transitions to adult care, particularly for children with chronic diseases, and continued care by a pediatric team while adjusting to adult spaces supports this process for our adolescent patients.

Inpatient Pediatric Ward Service

Our Inpatient Pediatric Ward Service is staffed by two PL-1 residents and a senior resident. An additional teaching resident is present half the year, as well as third-year clerks, and fourth-year sub-interns.This team cares for a diverse patient population, including those on the general pediatric/hospitalist service and those admitted to sub-specialty services. The team also has shared responsibility for a similar breadth of surgical patients, including patients cared for by a full complement of surgical sub-specialists.

Residents rotate through both day and night experiences on the Ward service. Residents have the opportunity to be continually exposed to the variety of patients our large catchment area provides and also develop relationships with patients and families that often last throughout the residency.

Nurses trained in intermediate care work on medical surgical and intermediate care. The nurses are also APHON certified - Association of Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nursing which certifies them to administer chemotherapy to our oncology patient population.

PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)

Our PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) provides care to children who are critically ill or injured and also supports a robust surgical sub-specialty service.

With no fellows in our PICU, our residents are at the front line of patient care. From providing post-operative care to pediatric patients undergoing cutting-edge neurosurgical procedures to communicating with families about a difficult new diagnosis, our residents receive an excellent critical care education that leaves them well-prepared for any pediatric career.

The PICU team is staffed by a pediatric resident and either an emergency medicine resident or a sub-intern, with strong teaching from associate providers and attending physicians.

Critical care trained nurses work in the PICU. These nurses are highly trained in caring for the child experiencing acute trauma, hemodynamic instability and chronic illnesses of childhood. Nurses care for children requiring mechanical ventilation, sedation, and constant monitoring for a wide variety of illness.

Respiratory therapists are valuable to the critical care team. RTs provide support and care for our children who require advanced airways.

Ward and PICU team rounds

During the day, the Ward and PICU teams round separately. During night shifts, these teams are expected to work together to cover the needs of admitted pediatric patients.

This cooperative model allows exposure to critical care patients for our residents through all years of training. It optimizes overnight teaching with the expectation that senior residents serve as coaches and mentors for those more junior. Collaboration is at the core of our program, and our care model emphasizes the importance of teamwork.