Population Health Programs

Our population health programs are designed to provide health and wellness services in the community, through data collection, advocacy, education, policy change, and more.

Health Statistics & Data Management (HSDM)

The Health Statistics & Data Management (HSDM) section of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services works collaboratively with the NH Birth Conditions Program to provide surveillance data on birth conditions.

Visit the Birth Data web page

STAR (Steps Toward Adult Responsibility)

The STAR Program was created for adolescents with chronic physical health conditions. It is a group mentoring program that brings the teens together with Dartmouth College students who also have chronic health concerns for regular meetings and activities.

The STAR mission is to promote healthy psychological and social development for the teen participants through mentoring, education and peer and family support. Teens in the program must be in grades 8 through 12 and have non-intellectual conditions.

STAR is a program of the Special Needs Support Center (SNSC) in Lebanon, NH.

Visit the SNSC website

Upper Valley Healthy Eating Active Living (UV HEAL)

UV HEAL is a community partnership that aims to build an Upper Valley community where the healthiest choice becomes the easiest choice for children and adults.

UV HEAL's goal is to change the environmental determinants of obesity by linking, supporting, and inspiring action to build a community where it is easy to be healthy.

What does UV HEAL do?

  • Primary Strategies: Policy and Built Environment Change
  • Secondary Strategies: Practice Change
  • Tertiary Strategies: Cultural Change (Education and Social Norms Change)

How does UV HEAL do this?

We mobilize broad-based partnerships of health, public health, education, business, recreation, and retail providers to move multiple systems at the same time, find mutually supportive and collaborative strategies when possible.