ICN (Intensive Care Nursery)

We welcome you to the ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

If you're a physician or hospital needing to transport a patient to Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, please call 800-650-3222.

Watch this video for a comforting look at our ICN's newborn care process, demonstrating the immense care and safety measures our dedicated ICN team provides to each tiny life under our care.
Infant in the ICN

Our ICN (Intensive Care Nursery), also known as a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), aims to provide your baby with high-quality care and help you as a family. Having a baby hospitalized in critical care is difficult, but our ICN team and staff can help. We will provide the best possible care for your baby.

We want you to spend as much time as you can caring for your baby, being with your baby, and helping make decisions about your baby's care.

Here are some things to know, especially at the beginning of your baby's ICN stay:

We will give you a lot of information, some of which may be hard to understand. Please talk with us about your questions and concerns.