Surgery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Kids

The following answers are for questions that kids might ask about their upcoming surgery.

Will I wake up during surgery?

Sleep with anesthesia is a different kind of sleep. It is not the kind of sleep where you will wake up on your own. There are people whose job it is to make sure that your body is asleep, comfortable, and safe until the doctor is finished with your surgery. After your surgery, their job is to also make sure that you wake up.

Will I die?

There are people whose job it is to help make sure you are comfortable, asleep, and safe throughout the surgery. Their job is also to help make sure that you wake up.

Can I bring my stuffed animal (blanket, favorite matchbox car...) to the operating room?

Yes! You can definitely bring one or two items that are special to you to the operating room. Please try to remember to wash your blanket before you bring it with you and to only bring items that are easy to carry.

Can only girl doctors and nurses (or boy doctors and nurses) be in the room during my surgery?

Everyone who works here has been specially trained especially in their job to help you. All of the staff will be as professional, respectful, and gentle as they can. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that it will be only boys or girls.

Will it hurt?

Part of the job of the anesthesia provider is to help make sure that your body stays comfortable, asleep, and safe during surgery.

We want you to know that we do our best to be as honest as we can in answering this question; but we also want you to remember that each person is different with how they respond to pain or hurt. Your job is to help let us know how you are feeling so that we can help you. When you wake up, if you are feeling pain or hurt, please tell a nurse or doctor so that we can help.