What You Can Bring

Below are some suggestions of personal items for children and parents and caregivers to bring from home when coming to stay at the hospital.

What children can bring

It can be hard for children to be away from home. While in the hospital it is helpful to bring items that are familiar and comforting, such as:

  • Comfortable pajamas, clothes, or onesies
  • Items for the nighttime routine, such as a nightlight, noise machine, or music
  • Favorite books and/or DVDs
  • iPod/CD player and music
  • Photos of friends, family, and pets
  • Pillow
  • Special snacks
  • Special cup or utensils your child may prefer to use
  • Toiletries, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Your child's favorite security item, such as a blanket, stuffed animal, special toy, etc.

What parents and caregivers can bring

It can be a very stressful time for parents and caregivers while a child is hospitalized. It is often helpful and comforting to have personal items from home with you, such as:

  • Address book
  • Calling card
  • Calendar or datebook
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Change of clothing
  • Comfortable sleepwear
  • Magazines, books, or puzzle books
  • Pillow
  • Personal medications
  • Stress-reducing items, such as running shoes, knitting supplies, iPod, or laptop
  • Toiletries, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant, cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, etc.