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Epilepsy Online, a resource of Project Access at the Hood Center for Children and Families, is dedicated to ensuring that families have access to the best and most reliable resources for caring for a child with epilepsy or seizures.

Families everywhere know it's expensive to care for a child with a chronic illness. Costs extend well beyond prescription refills and visits to the doctor. The isolation can be overwhelming; information, education and community support can be in short supply. Epilepsy Online can help connect patients, families and health care providers with local, national and online resources.

Our resources

  • Family resources: A thorough listing of resource guides, tips for parents and more. Here you will be able to download useful safety information, including seizure first aid, a bilingual pictorial of seizure descriptions, and a teen guide to becoming independent.
  • New Hampshire and Maine resources: A listing of local resources that ensure the best care, community involvement and easiest access for your child's needs.
  • National resources: There is a nationwide network of communities working together for those living with epilepsy. These resources offer an opportunity to share with others what it's like living with epilepsy, giving you the chance to make connections with advocacy and family partnerships and organizations, summer camps and regional epilepsy foundations.
  • Online resources: With links to secure chat rooms, international sites, educational resources and interactive sites, these resources provide not only information about pediatric epilepsy but also a safe place to interact with others who are in the same situation as you and your family.
  • Medication assistance: Highlights the best programs for financial support and prescription information.
  • Videos: Experts from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Project Access offer advice and information for parents and medical professionals about the intricacies of epilepsy and caring for a child with a seizure disorder. New topics are posted regularly.

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