Providers in Sullivan County

Below is a list of child psychiatry, behavioral, and mental health providers in Sullivan county, New Hampshire.

654 Main Street
Claremont, NH 03743
Phone: (603) 542-8076
Fax: (603) 542-0421
Conditions treated: Autism
Do you take insurance? Yes
Do you take Medicaid? Yes

West Central Behavioral Health Crisis Line
Phone: 1-800-564-2578
Area: Claremont
Towns served: Acworth, Alexandria, Canaan, Charlestown, Claremont, Cornish, Croydon, Enfield, Goshden, Grafton, Grantham, Hanover, Langdon, Lebanon, Lempster, Newport, Orange, Plainfield, Springfield, Sunapee, Unity, Washington