Neonatology Treatments and Services

We treat infants with:

  • Birth defects, such as cranial and spinal abnormalities
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Hypotonia
  • Infections
  • Low birthweight
  • Meningomyocele
  • Neurological problems
  • Newborn conditions, such as seizures or strokes
  • Prematurity issues
  • Surgical needs
  • Umbilical cord issues

Once infants leave our Intensive Care Nursery, we help babies and their families adjust to life at home through our Transitional Long-Term Care Clinic. We also provide a Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic, which monitors babies' development.

To learn more about our nursery and clinics, see the following sections:

Intensive Care Nursery (ICN)

The intensive care nursery has 30 beds to care for babies with acute illnesses as well as stable and growing premature infants. We believe that your family is the center of the care team. Our experienced staff provides exceptional, critical care, and TLC to the vulnerable infants in our unit.

Learn more about the Intensive Care Nursery

Neonatal Follow-Up Care Clinic

Our Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic monitors your baby's progress and refers you to services you might need close to home.

Learn more about the Neonatal Follow-Up Care Clinic

Special Care Nursery

A Special Care Nursery that is designed specifically for infants who are born as early as 32 weeks and need a little extra time to grow.

Learn more about the Special Care Nursery

Transitional Long-Term Care Clinic (TLC)

Some babies need additional or special care after they leave the Intensive Care Nursery. The Transitional Long-Term Care Clinic assists with your babies unique needs for the first year, longer when needed.

Learn more about the Transitional Long-Term Care Clinic