Teen Driver Program

The New Hampshire Teen Driver program focuses on safe driving for novice teen drivers by:

  • Addressing leading traffic safety and other injury issues based on statewide, regional and national data.
  • Developing, organizing, and promoting a comprehensive injury prevention plan.
  • Promoting evidence-based practices in injury prevention.

As part of this program, the Youth Operator Program Coordinator develops teen highway safety programs for New Hampshire high schools during the school year. The Youth Operator Program Coordinator:

  • Creates educational materials.
  • Recommends approaches for specific traffic safety topics.
  • Researches, plans and carries out programs related to events.
  • And so much more.

​Novice teen drivers have a greater risk of crashing than the average older driver. This is because teens have less driving and life experience to help them understand the true risks of driving. Their crash risk becomes even higher when they are distracted, impaired or tired.

For more information, please visit the New Hampshire Teen Driver Program website.

New Hampshire’s Teen Driver Program is sponsored by the New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety in collaboration with the Injury Prevention Center at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Health.

Contact us

For more information about the program please contact our Youth Operator Program Coordinator, Alexis Bly, at alexis.r.bly@hitchcock.org.