Cystic Fibrosis Treatments and Services

The New Hampshire Cystic Fibrosis Center provides the following tests to screen for and diagnosis cystic fibrosis:

  • Screening: All babies born in New Hampshire are required to have a cystic fibrosis screening test.
  • Diagnosing: If the screening result is positive, a child must have a sweat test. Because people with cystic fibrosis have an abnormal amount of salt in their sweat, the test measures the amount of that salt and helps a doctor arrive at a diagnosis.
  • Monitoring: During a patient's visit, the doctor may choose to perform one or more other tests. These tests measure many things, including how well the patient's respiratory system is functioning.


After the test results come back, the doctor may prescribe a medication to fight an infection, or physical therapy to help clear mucus from the lungs:

  • Medications: The respiratory and digestive systems are the two systems in the body most affected by cystic fibrosis, and are the most likely to require medication. These can be taken by mouth, given by IV (intravenously), or inhaled by using a nebulizer.
  • Nutrition: Cystic fibrosis patients who are well-nourished grow better, have better lung function, and live longer than patients with poor nutrition. Our dietitians provide nutrition programs to help patients meet their nutrition needs as they grow and during times of illness.