Cystic Fibrosis Patient Support and Education

Our resources

  • New  Hampshire Cystic Fibrosis Patient Family Advisory Council (NHCFPFAC): A committee of cystic fibrosis patients and family members of people with cystic fibrosis that get their care here. CFPFAAC is dedicated to working with and getting to know the cystic fibrosis care team and each other in an atmosphere of trust and compassion, to improve care and the quality of life for those with cystic fibrosis.

Local resources

  • Make-a-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire: Make-a-Wish began in 1986 and granted its first wish in 1987. Its goal is to make wishes come true for all eligible children in New Hampshire. Children under the age of 18, who have been determined by their physicians to have a life-threatening medical condition, may be eligible for a wish.
  • New Hampshire Partners in Health (PIH) Program: This state-wide, community-based program supports families of children with chronic health conditions in New Hampshire. PIH provides community events, education, and resource access. Partners in Health is one of the programs available through Special Medical Services for children and youth with special health care needs and their families.

National resources

  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is to cure cystic fibrosis and to provide all people with CF the opportunity to lead long, fulfilling lives by funding research and drug development, partnering with the CF community, and advancing high-quality, specialized care.
  • Boomer Esiason Foundation to Fight Cystic Fibrosis (BEF): BEF is a partnership of leaders in the medical and business communities joining with a committed core of volunteers to provide financial support to research aimed at finding a cure for CF. BEF works to heighten education and awareness of CF and to provide a better quality of life for those affected by it.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation: The Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation (CFLF) is about empowering and educating people with CF toward lifestyle choices that positively impact mental and physical well-being. Through recreation grants and educational programs CFLF assists people living with CF to thrive, not just survive. By inspiring healthy and active lifestyles through fitness, exercise, and outdoor recreation activities the CFLF educates people living with Cystic Fibrosis about the critical psychological, social and emotional connections between their lifestyle and their health. The Foundation works to achieve its mission through developing and providing opportunities for people with CF to become aware of a lifestyle that achieves health, as opposed to avoiding illness.
  • The Rock CF Foundation: A non-profit dedicated to educating the world about cystic fibrosis and giving those living with CF the tools to lead healthy lifestyles. They have donated 500+ pairs of shoes to folks with CF who want to run!
  • CFRI Support Programs & Classes: This organization provides online supportive programming and mindfulness classes, including groups for caregivers, adults w/CF, bereavement.