Cystic Fibrosis Research and Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, or "research protocols," are carefully controlled investigations involving patients.

They are designed to answer specific questions about a new drug or procedure, or a new way of using an old treatment.

This research plays a vital role in increasing our knowledge of cystic fibrosis, while improving therapies and increasing survival for cystic fibrosis patients. We invite all of our cystic fibrosis patients to participate in clinical trials, so that we can continue to find new and better ways to care for them.

Your care team will discuss your eligibility to participate in current open trials.

Cystic fibrosis research at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

  • Professor of Physiology Bruce Stanton, PhD, facilitates an impressive group of cystic fibrosis researchers and clinicians. Stanton began doing basic cystic fibrosis research soon after his 1984 arrival at Dartmouth Medical School. Today, the Dartmouth group is funded by many organizations, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Read "Battling the CF Monster," an article about Stanton's cystic fibrosis research at Dartmouth.
  • The goal of the Dartmouth Cystic Fibrosis Research Center is to develop a high quality, multidisciplinary cystic fibrosis research center that will:
    • Conduct basic, clinical and translational research on cystic fibrosis
    • Attract high-quality scientists to the study of cystic fibrosis
    • Train postdoctoral and predoctoral fellows for research on cystic fibrosis
    • Serve as a focal point for cooperative efforts among cystic fibrosis care centers, academic institutions and individual researchers in Northern New England

Northern New England Cystic Fibrosis Consortium

  • The Northern New England Cystic Fibrosis Consortium was created to develop and share information concerning the care and treatment of cystic fibrosis. It is a regional, voluntary, multi-disciplinary group of clinicians and health care professionals who seek to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and costs of medical interventions in the care of cystic fibrosis patients and their families.