Nutrition Programs

The dietitians on the Cystic Fibrosis Center team help patients meet their nutrition needs as they grow and during times of illness. Your visit to the Lebanon cystic fibrosis clinic visit may include a consultation with a dietitian and a screening for nutrition concerns. A cystic fibrosis gastroenterologist is also available to all Cystic Fibrosis Program patients.

Nutrition evaluations

We offer a yearly nutrition evaluation. During this evaluation, a clinical dietitian assesses the patient's nutritional needs, develops and implements nutrition programs, and evaluates and reports the results. The dietitian coordinates the patient's medical and nutritional needs with doctors and other health care professionals. During an evaluation the dietitian:

  • Asks the patient what foods and portion sizes he or she usually eats. Answers are compared to estimated needs for calories, calcium and other nutrients.
  • Records the patient's height and weight and calculates the patient's Body Mass Index. These measurements are compared to standard growth charts or ideal body weight charts to assess growth.
  • Measures the patient's skin-fold to assess body fat stores and compare them to standards for the patient's age.
  • Evaluates the patient's enzyme and vitamin doses, and discusses any related problems.
  • Provides the patient suggestions about ways to better meet their nutritional needs.