Our Programs

These are some of the ways families are making a difference at CHaD and through the Boyle Community Pediatrics Program.

The CHaD Family Advisory Board

This board is made up of parents and CHaD professionals working together to improve family-centered care initiatives. One of its recent projects is called "Children's Voices." Parents from the board speak with hospitalized children to learn what it's really like to be in the hospital. The board then works with CHaD leadership to make changes that reflect the needs of these children. The board also annually reviews satisfaction surveys completed by parents and works with leadership to ensure excellence in all aspects of care for children.
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Molly's Place at the CHaD Family Center

Molly's Place was created by families for families. It offers support, resources, services, and a welcome respite while at the medical center. The CHaD Family Center website helps families and professionals find community agencies, schools, and state and regional resources. It offers educational conferences for families and friends and helps families navigate the complexities of financial entitlements and state insurance programs to lessen the burden of illness.

CHaD Schwartz Center Rounds

CHaD Schwartz Center Rounds are interdisciplinary forums to provide support for health providers in their often difficult and stressful roles, promote teamwork, and enhance the compassionate relationship between patients and caregivers. They are sponsored by the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center.

Rounds are the second Thursday of each month. Learn more about Schwartz Center Rounds (PDF)

Community Pediatrics for Pediatric Residents

As an academic medical center, the Boyle program is committed to educating its pediatric residents to learn from our community how to support children's health and advocate for unmet needs. We recognize that families live in communities and that family-centered care extends beyond the walls of the medical center. Through partnerships with community leaders, resources, and programs, we create a network of support for the children and families it serves. From local school meetings to state hearings, we supports our faculty and staff to advocate for the health and safety of all children.
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Family Faculty for Pediatric Residents

Here, families join our medical faculty to bring family-centered care into medical education. By sharing their unique stories in their homes and schools, families with children who have serious illness impart lasting lessons about respectful and beneficial care.
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