Family Center / Molly's Place

The Family Center was created by families, for families. The center is funded entirely through generous donations.

Child playing with a toy train

We understand that caring for children who need medical care can be challenging for every member of the family. A child may see a pediatrician once a week for care, but families are home the rest of the time continuing that care.

It is essential for families to have resources to help them:

  • Learn about the health care system
  • Support siblings
  • Teach their families about a chronic condition

Molly's Place at the Family Center is available to everyone. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Kids at a table with a mother

We found Molly's Place while waiting for our friend. This playroom is absolutely amazing! My two girls went from grumpy and bored to unbelievably happy with all the activities here! Great selection of toys and books. This is a MUCH NEEDED space for kids! I'm very excited to see a place like this here [at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center] and it has helped me decide on a place to bring my kids for appointments and where to get my prenatal care! Also, I love the Parenting books and comfy chairs.

Mom of 4 and 5 year old girls

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