New Hampshire State Resources

New Hampshire Special Medical Services provides medical and financial services to children with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, and special health care needs.

New Hampshire Early Supports and Services provides family-centered services for eligible children from birth to three who are at risk for developmental delays. Find out more about their services, make a referral, or contact your local office.

New Hampshire Family Ties is a statewide network of families who have children with special needs. This organization connects families to other families who have been there and provides referral and support services.

New Hampshire Health and Human Services list all HHS programs, services, and contact information.

New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services is a network of area agencies and programs that provide statewide support and assistance to individuals with disabilities.

New Hampshire Partners in Health (PIH) is a community-based program that helps families who have children with chronic health conditions.

New Hampshire Parent Information Center (PIC) provides information, support, and educational programs for parents, family members, educators, and the community. PIC is a pioneer in promoting effective parent involvement in the special education process.

New Hampshire Family Voices (NHFV) helps families find support either one-on-one or through workshops. They also have a free lending library of over 1,500 books, videos, and audiotapes with a specialty in children's books on specific conditions and disabilities, sibling relationships, behavior, and social issues.

New Hampshire Family Resource Connection is a special program of the New Hampshire State Library to make available information on all aspects of raising healthy children, especially young children with special needs. Search their lending library, a Directory of Children's Services, and a Family & Youth Development Calendar.

New Hampshire Challenge, Inc. publishes a free quarterly newspaper, The New Hampshire Challenge, on disability issues from a family perspective.

New Hampshire Helpline is a statewide, 24/7 telephone service that provides information, referral, assistance, and crisis intervention services using the NH Help Line Resource Database. (800) 852-3388.

New Hampshire Service link is a statewide network of locally-administered, community-based resources for seniors, adults with disabilities and their families. This is a free service for anyone who needs assistance with an issue relating to a senior member or disabled adult living in the community.

Map of Services for Young Children in Vermont and New Hampshire (PDF)