Child Passenger Law

New Hampshire Child Occupant Protection Law

RSA 265:107-a  Effective January 1, 2014
All children under age 7 or 57 inches (whichever is reached first) must use a properly fastened and secured child safety seat. Children under age 18 must be properly restrained in a motor vehicle including a car, pickup truck or SUV.

Rear facing car seat

Rear-facing (birth to age 2)
Use either a rear-facing only seat or a convertible seat until the child reaches the weight or height limit of the seat.
Recommendation is children remain rear-facing until at least age 2. Rear-facing seat with harness provides the most protection.

Forward facing car seat

Forward-facing (age 2 to age 6)
Use child safety seat with harness until child reaches weight or height limit of harness. The harness can range from 40 – 90 lbs. Seat with a harness provides more protection.

Booster seat

Booster seat (age 7 to 4 ft. 9 in.)
Use a booster when the child outgrows the harnessed seat. Purpose of booster is to raise the child up so the lap-shoulder safety belt fits properly. Booster's weight limit can range up  to 110 lbs.

Seat belt

Seat belt (at least 4 ft. 9 in. to age 18)
Use a lap-shoulder belt when the child can sit safely without a booster seat. This is usually at 4 feet 9 inches when the child is between
8 – 12 years old.