Your Visit to the Face of a Child Program

Which providers will I see?

When you schedule your appointment, the Craniofacial Coordinator will discuss with you which providers your child is likely to see. These decisions are based on your child’s age and medical condition. The team discusses each patient on the day of the clinic and make adjustments to the provider team as necessary.

What will take place at the clinic?

On the day of the clinic, your child will be evaluated by specialists in the fields relevant to your child's needs. Surgical procedures do not take place on clinic days, but your child may have X-rays or other imaging taken, undergo hearing tests, or have speech evaluations that require naso-endoscopic exams of the palate and pharynx.

Most of the time you will see each provider individually, but sometimes you’ll see more than one provider at once. There may be a wait between provider visits. There will be plenty of time to ask questions.

How long will the visit take?

The visit may take as long as three or four hours to complete, depending on how many providers you are scheduled to see. When you schedule the appointment, the Craniofacial Coordinator can give you an estimate of how long you may be here.

To help pass the time between visits, the Center has snacks, games, books, and art supplies available for your use. We also have medical student volunteers available at some clinics to engage with patients and families during wait times.

Following up after the visit

After the visit, the Coordinator will contact you regarding any recommendations or follow-up needs. If surgery is advised, you will be contacted shortly after the visit for scheduling.

If visit notes are needed, the Coordinator can help direct you on how to request these documents through myDH or the Medical Records Department.

To discuss team recommendations, follow-up plans, or any other questions or concerns you have, please contact us.