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We are committed to providing quality supervision and appropriate clinical opportunities based upon student goals and qualifications. We offer both a Child Life Internship and a Child Life Practicum.

We strongly support increasing diversity within the field of child life, including, but not limited to, increased recruitment of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, multiracial, other people of color, LGBTQIA+, as well as males and second career students. We also support the Association of Child Life Professionals' (ACLP's) pledge for internship equity and access and were among the first institutions to sign this pledge.

Child Life application status

We are accepting applications for the fall 2024 child life internship.

Child Life Internship information and application

This clinical option is designed for students pursuing academic careers in the Child Life field, interested in gaining advanced knowledge of the Child Life profession with a goal of obtaining Child Life certification to work as a Child Life Specialist.

Students are expected to meet or exceed the minimum prerequisites for this clinical experience.

  • Offered during the Fall and Winter/Spring semesters only
  • Full-time: 40 hours per week over a 15- to 16-week semester, totaling 600 hours
  • Successful completion of these hours meets the ACLP eligibility requirements to sit for the child life certification exam.

Students performing the internship will be responsible for assessing the developmental abilities, emotional and psychosocial needs, as well as the overall adjustment of patients to their hospitalization and/or illness. Based upon these assessments, interns will identify and implement appropriate developmental and therapeutic interventions.

Interns will do at least two separate rotations (each a minimum of seven weeks) during the semester to be exposed to child life services in varying settings, all the while being directly supervised by a Certified Child Life Specialist. They will also have the opportunity to shadow in other areas in which they are not assigned a rotation.

We adhere to the ACLP guidelines on internship deadlines, offer and acceptance dates. For more information on those details, go to the Association of Child Life Professionals website.

Clinical experience minimum prerequisites

  • Experience working with well children outside of a healthcare setting
  • Experience working with children within a healthcare setting (may be child life practicum* or other pediatric healthcare experience, such as volunteering) 
  • 3.0 GPA in major related field of study
  • Theoretical knowledge of child life and child development
  • Ten child-life related courses approved by the ACLP course work review
  • Minimum of one course taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist (inclusive of six curriculum topics required by the ACLP)
  • Understanding of child life professional practice

Application requirements

  • Competed Internship Readiness Common Application
  • Practicum* verification form or in-progress form (if applicant has participated in a practicum).
  • Three sealed letters of professional recommendation reflecting both academic work and work with children and families.

*Please note: we no longer require completion of a practicum to be eligible for an internship, however we strongly encourage a practicum, unless you are otherwise well-versed in the field, such as history of work as a child life assistant or other direct and robust experience with the child life profession.

If you still have questions about our internship or application process, please review our Internship Q&A (PDF).

For more information on child life services or becoming a child life specialist, please visit the Association of Child Life Professionals website.

How to apply

Phone: 603-650-4380

Child Life Practicum information and application

This clinical option is designed for students pursuing academic careers in Child Life, or other related fields, and who are interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of the Child Life profession, as well as experiences facing children and adolescents in the health care setting.

  • Offered during the summer semester only.
  • 10-20 hours per week over a 14- to 16-week semester, totaling 120 hours.

Students performing the Practicum option will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in acclimating children and families to the health care setting, identifying developmentally appropriate normalization activities, and display comfort interacting with members of the multidisciplinary health care team. Based upon the student's demonstration of skills and knowledge, as determined by the clinical supervisor, students may be presented with opportunities to provide preparation and support for non-invasive procedures, participate in specialty rounds, access to relevant medical records, and help to facilitate and participate in special events.

Application prerequisites and process for the Child Life Practicum

  • Child life practicums will be offered during summer semester only. (May-August)
  • Applications for the Practicum are due on January 5th of each year.
  • Practicum students are selected based on application and interview process

Clinical experience and qualifications for the Practicum

  • Students must have completed a minimum of at least 3 college courses that are relevant to the child life field, child development, and psychology or family systems.
  • Students must be able to show documented experience working with well children.

Application requirements

  • Completed application
  • Resume
  • Two letters of professional recommendation
  • Unofficial transcript

For more information on child life services or becoming a child life specialist, please visit the Association of Child Life Professionals website.

How to apply

For additional information, please reach out to Mollie Saults, BS, CCLS, Child Life Intern Coordinator.

Phone: 603-650-4380