PainFree Program

We understand that medical procedures can be scary and stressful for children. Our PainFree Program works to individualize each child’s experience to meet their needs and minimize their fears and concerns. Your child will meet a comprehensive team of specialists that use various techniques to make the visit to the hospital as easy as possible.

The philosophy behind the PainFree Program is based on the understanding that, while in the hospital, children experience any number of procedures that are either painful or stressful, such as the 2-year-old who needs an MRI, the 5-year-old cancer patient who undergoes a spinal tap, the 10-year-old who endures a cast change and pin removal, or the 3-year-old who has a cyst removed.

We bring together providers from several disciplines to apply the best technologies and our expertise to improve your child's medical experience.

We are committed to advancing the medical and behavioral techniques to help prepare and support children through their health care experience. While involved with the PainFree Program, you may be introduced to breakthrough innovations in pain and anxiety control methods.

Your child's PainFree plan

Before the day of your child's procedure, a member of the PainFree Program will contact you to discuss your child's PainFree plan.

Each child in the PainFree Program will:

  • Be seen by a multi-specialty team including pediatricians, pediatric nurses, Child Life specialists, and anesthesiologists
  • Be assessed and respected as an individual
  • Have access to the latest innovations in relaxation and distraction equipment
  • Have the expertise of the PainFree team to guide them through medical experiences

The results of your child's assessment are shared between you, a Child Life specialist, the nursing staff, and the anesthesia team. Together we will develop a plan based on the assessment to help support your child through his or her test or procedure experience.

This plan may involve distraction and support by the Child Life Specialist, sedation or anesthesia by the anesthesia team, or a combination of these. This plan is flexible with built-in alternatives. We understand that children's reactions to medical experiences can be unpredictable. We have the ability to change our plan "mid-stream" if necessary. Your team will discuss with you the different options your child will have to complete the necessary procedure.

Email us if you have questions about your child's upcoming PainFree visit or provide feedback about your child's recent visit.