Events and Conferences

The Regional Program for Women's and Children's Health supports events and conferences throughout the year in collaboration with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics departments. A list of regional programs is available through Dartmouth Hitchcock Continuing Education for Professionals. Archived conferences recordings are also available on demand.

Transport Conferences

The foundation of the Regional Program for Women’s and Children’s Health is the Transport Conference, which is held at the referring hospital to review the maternal, infant, and pediatric transports to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for tertiary care. The goal is to optimize coordinated care and review the latest treatment strategies to improve patient outcomes through enhanced provider and nursing involvement across the continuum of care.

Perinatal Transport Conference

Perinatal Transport Conferences review cases of maternal-fetal and neonatal patients. Faculty include a maternal-fetal specialist, a neonatologist, and an outreach nurse. Participants include obstetricians, pediatricians, family practice physicians, and perinatal nurses.

Pediatric Intensive Care Transport Conferences

Conferences review cases of pediatric patients shared between community hospitals and the CHaD Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Faculty include a pediatric intensivist and an outreach nurse. The participants are pediatricians, family practice physicians, emergency room physicians, and pediatric nurses.

For more information about conferences, please contact Victoria Flanagan at (603) 653-6896.