Complex Care Treatments and Services

Our Complex Care programs provide a broad range of services to help you and your family get the care you need, including:

  • Helping families navigate the health care system
  • Helping families manage multiple appointments or treatments with specialists and arrange transportation for those with medical equipment
  • Coordinating communication with specialists who are involved in the patient’s care to make sure that the entire care team is aware of each specialist’s portion of the treatment plan
  • Helping to determine the medical goals for your child
  • Writing care plans for families to share with others who need to know the specifics of the patient’s health care treatment
  • Having age-appropriate preventive health discussions such as nutrition, exercise, dating/sex and advanced directives (making your health care wishes known if you can’t speak for yourself)
  • Helping bridge the gap between behavioral health services and medical care for people with developmental disabilities
  • Coordinating with community organizations that help adults and children get the services, care, and equipment they need
  • Providing home visits, when needed, for those patients who have illnesses or disabilities that make it difficult or unsafe to leave their home
  • Helping set up access to TeleHealth visits for follow-up care so that patients and families can stay at home

Complex Care Program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

In addition to the above treatments and services, we:

Complex Care Program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics Manchester

In addition to the above treatments and services, we:

  • Can see family members of complex care patients so that everyone takes care of their health
  • Treat children and adults with a primary diagnosis of autism
  • Ensure that the entire family unit receives support provided by the clinic
Dr. Plotnik with a patient

I was so stressed when I had to transition Lacey's care to an adult primary care provider after she could no longer see her pediatrician. It was really hard to find someone with the right experience. Then I found Dr. Plotnik and she has been wonderful. She handles the health care for all four of my children, who each have special needs, and me!

Laurie, Lacey's caregiver