Map of the Pediatric and Adolescent Inpatient Unit

The following map is of the Pediatric and Adolescent Inpatient Unit. Please refer to the legend below for reference.

Pediatric and Adolescent Inpatient Unit Map
  1. Family Lounge: In this lounge, you'll find coffee, snacks, Internet access and a television.
  2. Family Kitchen: For family use. If you bring in food, please label with your name and date.
  3. Unit Secretary: The unit secretaries greet and direct patients, families, and visitors to the unit. They are valuable resources to staff and families and can answer most of your general questions.
  4. Resource Nurse: The resource nurse oversees daily patient flow and works closely with the other members of the healthcare team to help coordinate planning care for all patients.
  5. Sign Out: If the medical team has given its OK for the patient to leave the unit for a break, please let the nurse taking care of the patient know, and sign out.
  6. Playroom: There are toys for children, board games, music, and arts and crafts. The playroom does require parent/guardian supervision at all times.
  7. Teen (13-19) Lounge: Teens can hang out in the lounge to watch movies on the big screen, play video games, use the Internet, play board games, or just have fun with visitors and other teenage patients. All teen movies are kept in the teen lounge as well.
  8. D'Barn: This area of the unit is designed for our 'tweens. Here, we have a TV with Play Station 2! Favorites at D'Barn are Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and Karaoke. D'Barn is also the home of our movies and DVDs for young children.